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National Infrastructure

Network infrastructure design (MS Visio, AUTOCAD, MS Project, REVIT)

MNM acts as a customer representative managing in the best interest of both IT Departments as well as Facilities Departments, utilizing our technology and construction experience relevant to both parties.

We take an unmarked floor plan/high level technology objective (IT/AV/Security) and develop clear direction, design and Statement Of Work for each project regardless of size.

National Infrastructure Design

Network RFP implementation

MNM engages national pre-qualified contractors anywhere in the US and gathers/levels proposals for customer review/award, satisfying any multiple bidder protocol and making sure scope is clear and fair.

MNM can manage the IT/AV Network implementation / construction throughout the entire project.

Network RFP Implementation

Existing infrastructure review/recommendations

Often used when a customer acquires a new location with existing infrastructure.

MNM will assess existing cabling, hardware, associated equipment and generate a report with pictures and data to you from anywhere in the US. MNM will provide a line item “suggested” modifications sheet with a price quote to make changes customer sees fit.

National Service MAC Work

National service/MAC work

Single point of contact for service and project work as it arises anywhere in the US on an as-needed basis

Fixed T&M rate by region with all work orders signed off on by a local contact to ensure ticket was successfully complete

National Services MAC Work

The MNM Group Project Management division is one of the country’s most recognized and reputable cabling contractors.

We have built a long-standing track record for high quality, standards-based, low voltage cabling installation.

Our resources include a full compliment of skill, project management experience, and an automated approach to each project with Bicsi certified, RCDD personel.

With today’s high reliance on modern technology, the IT infrastructure is often considered the lifeline of a company’s productivity. When selecting a contractor to implement such a crucial piece in the construction phase, many of our customers find comfort in having a national solution that they know is reliable and can act as a consultant, as well as follow through the entire project from start to finish with a name they know they can trust.

Whether it’s one line or a complete design build contract, we are here to serve you.

We don’t bid projects… We build relationships.


The MNM Group Infrastructure Service Area

Single point of contact

Using MNM as your national solution allows us to learn how to do business with you. We can gain an understanding of how your business works and find out how we can cater to your overall plan as a growing company. We build the relationship with each project.

When conducting many moves in different areas, knowing whom to call in a time of need can become fragmented and confusing. We strategically assign a project manager to each account to build familiarity and eliminate the “re-invention of the wheel” when dealing with numerous work sites.

Let us eliminate the accounting headaches. Billing and invoices all are sent and processed to one familiar site. We eliminate the risk of having to learn a companies policies and procedures to invoice or close out a project.

Standardization across the board

MNM has a strict policy of making sure all of our partners are up to code with certifications and the latest in technology training.

25-year warranty on all cable and labor provided by The MNM Group, Inc.

Ease of bid

A long drawn out bid process with unfamiliar companies can be a risky and drawn out process. Not knowing the validity and credentials of whom to trust your IT equipment with can be a stressful and costly situation. Let MNM ease your mind with all of your locations; mirroring warranties and standards for peace of mind.

Eliminate the risk. Our partners have been working with us for over 20 years and the trust built in that time eliminates the risk of over drawn jobs and messy change orders. We want to continue to do business with you and make sure you are happy when a project is complete.

Give us a chance to prove to you our capabilities on your next cabling project