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Wireless Solutions

RF Design Engineering

Macro Cell
Micro Cell
Small Cell
In Building
Drive Testing
System Optimization

Microwave Engineering

Path Profiling
Path Data Sheets
FCC Coordination and Filing
Data Capacity Engineering

Site Acquisition

Site Scrub Services
Zoning and Permitting

A & E Services

Phase 1 Environmental Assessment
Nepa Notification
Geotechnical Boring and Reporting
Professional Surveying
Planning and Land Development
Storm Water Management Plans
Construction Drawings
Structural and Electrical Engineering
Construction Administration

On Site Construction Services

Turn Key Raw Land /Colocation /In Building / Rooftop Construction
Helicopter Construction Services
Tower Foundations
Tower Erection
Antenna / Coax / Fiber / Hybrid Cable Installation
VSWR / TDR / PIM Testing
Building / Cabinet Foundations
Building / Cabinet Set
Overhead / Underground Utility Installation
Site Work
Generator Installation
Site Demolition and Removal

Tower Modifications

Self Support
Bolt On / Replacement of Members / Welding
Replaced Guyed Wires

EF & I Services

Macro / Micro / DAS / In Building
Base Station Installation and Turn Up
Cabinet Installation and Turn Up
Technology Upgrades
Existing System Upgrades / Capacity Additions
DC Power
Battery Plants
Point to Point Microwave Radio Installation and Turn Up
Point to Multi-Point Radio Systems Installation and Turn Up
Maintenance Window Cutover Services

Site Maintenance

Tower Inspections
Guyed Tower Plumb and Tension
Tower Mapping for Structural Analysis
Troubleshooting and Repair Services
Road / Compound Repair

Post Construction Services

MNM Also Offers Full Circle Maintenance Services

MNM Wireless Partners